Dusk to Dawn

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"You need to go," is the first thing I can think of to say. biting my lip afterwards to keep my self from shouting my command that he leave. I needed to protect my daughter and I didn’t trust Edward to be even fifty miles near her. I could only think the worst when I saw him looming over Renesmee as she took her nap in the room that Alice had designed for her when she visited.

The only thing that keeps me from ripping his head from his shoulders is the feel of Jacob’s warm hand in my own, and when he gives is a gentle squeeze I look up at him confused, Why is he stopping me?
"I’m her father, I have every right to visit my daughter. " he said with a stone like expression though he was unable to hide his disgust when he called Renesmee his daughter.

"What?" I hissed angrily at him, while at the same time trying not to laugh. Was he actually serious?

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Would you like to hear my story, Bella? It doesn’t have a happy ending — but which of ours does? If we had happy endings, we’d all be under gravestones now.

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